Friday, July 29, 2011

Sisterlocks In This Summer Heat {Ugh}

Omg the heat this summer has been completely ratchet! Triple digit temperature almost everyday for the past couple of weeks. Yes, having locs in this kind of heat is definitely convenient, BUT once again my relaxed ends have me blown :o/. In the summer my hair and skin gets very oily and I'm noticing my braidouts do not last as long. The crinkles dont go away completely, but they are falling quicker {within 3 days} as if I'm putting products in my hair. I know it's the natural oil my body is producing along with the continuous sweat that's causing this debacle :o/. My locktician told me I'm still suppose to wash my hair at 2 weeks, but I'm on the verge to pleading with her to let me wash it once a week until this heat wave is over. My scalp is getting itchy and the fuzziness in the front of my head is in full effect smh. I just got a re-ti 2 weeks ago and it doesn't look/feel like I have one :o(


I Still Love My Sisterlocks! I'm just cursing this heat for attacking my babies {16 month old SL's}

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse....Another Genius Gone

The second song on my playlist on here is by Amy Winehouse called "Brother" of my favorite songs from her & I just wanted to post these lyrics in dedication to her. Ironic the words may be because of her life, but they were deep & from her heart as everything else she sang. This was from her debut album "Frank" and this was before she was caught up in addiction.......Rest in peace Amy Jade Winehouse

It’s so much that I could never say to your face
But by now
You should know the world and all its ways
So find your place

How do I find words that do not condescend
When she bore you before me
Cause she doesn’t need a child she needs a friend
A son, not a sob story

Now you must of never heard of what she did for you

And your priority it must be heard
Now you must of never heard of what she did for you
Cause we’ll never be the way we were

She can’t always be there just to hold your down

Our mother
When you are at a age now
well life turns around, my brother

Realize that you don’t have to answer to no man

Responsibility comes down to you
But how can I expect you to understand
When you live life like its so unthrough

Now you must of never heard of what she did for you

And your priority, it must be heard
Now you must of never heard of what she did for you
Cause we’ll never be the way we were

The way we were

We’ll never be
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
At your priority, It must be heard

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautification Night

I've been thinking lately it's a shame that I dont have "beautification night" like I did when I was college. My last post made me think about this because I expressed how lazy I have been with my locs lately...Thursday nights would always be my night of choice because of how busy I was with classes and work. I would always go back to my dorm room and wash my hair and style/experiment with it all night so it could be "fly" for the weekend. And that's when I would do all of my shaving, get my eyebrows waxed, nails done etc...just went the whole 9 yards. I even beautified my room!

Whhhhhhyyyyyyyy have I not been doing this since I have locs????? :o(. 
The only answer would be that the shake and go  thing has spoiled me like no other. I had much less time on my hands in college & paid more attention to appearance than I've ever done now. I have waaaaaaay more time now to do my hair and yet, I dont take initiative to change it :o/
When I was relaxed, I LOVED curls and I cant believe that I have not attempted curls that much since I'm free to do more styles. I've even been given permission to put a rinse in my hair.....what the crap have I been waiting on???

Thursday, July 14, 2011

15.5 Month Old Sisterlocks

I will not reach exactly 16 months until the 27th of this month, but you can observe the fullness and length of my locs. My hair is much shorter in the back due to the fact that my hair was cut into a bob prior to my SL installation. I'm glad that it was cut that way so it could grow out into a simple style since I am prohibited to do anything extreme to my hair right now. My re-ti is tomorrow and I think going to add a cute style to it bf expressed that he misses my perm-rod set lol. I only did it once back in feb and I'm amazed that I didn't do it again because of all of the compliments I received. I'll admit that I have gotten lazy with my hair as far as styling. I just sport the braid-outs and sometimes do a half-up, half-down ponytail when it gets too hot smh. So much has been going on and I am in the process of looking for another j.o.b. You saw in my last post a month ago that my job was dramatic and the pettiness has gotten out of control {not on my part of course}. I just didnt have interest to do any special styles to my locs for that environment. "When you feel good, you look good" ~ and vice versa....that job did not make me feel good at all :o/. I thought when you're unsure about the people around you, you just keep it cordial and keep to yourself. Apparently that's not good enough to avoid mess. Not to say that my locs didnt look good, because SL's ALWAYS look good ;o). I just didnt feel the need to spruce up any styles that's all. Anywho, I may post more pics tomorrow since I have slacked off so much with my blogging :o(.