Monday, May 9, 2011

Graduation/Mother's Day

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mothers in the world! It was truly a beautiful day yesterday and also an exhausting one.....of course not from doing for mommy, but this was graduation weekend as well. I truly enjoyed myself this weekend, but it was also a draining one. I ended up sick with a cold and I feel bad because I work with patients. I reaaaaallllly dont want to get them sick, but ya girl gotta make her money too! I did not do a particular hairstyle for graduation due to the fact that heat & sweat does not get along with my hair and the ceremony was held outside. And I'm pretty glad that I did the regular 'ol braid out because it was sooooooo hot. When I was going back through my pictures, I realized my hair has gotten longer! The braid out turned out to be the best option for my cap & gown :o) {click on pictures to get larger view}

 Mi Familia :o) {Mommy, Dad & Sis }
My hair has gotten so long!!!! :o) 

This was me a exactly a year ago at my homegirl's graduation {look how short my locs were! }