Saturday, June 11, 2011

Work, Sadness, SL Update.....

I have been seriously busy and have totally neglected my blog. So much has happened since graduation and I dont even know where to begin. Work is work right now. I thank God for it, but you know working in a small office full of women spells D.R.A.M.A. Im pretty cool with everyone in the office, but you know I have to stay on my toes when it comes to being the new girl.

Unfortunately I heard some bad news today. I found out my high school classmate was tragically killed last night along with 3 other people. All sooooo young and the manner of death was not deserving to them. I just know that God does not make mistakes and the only thing we can do is pray for their families and that God grants them the strength to pull through this troubling time.....Im really at a loss for words of what happened to those 4 victims, but it hits so close to home when you find out your peers die in such a tragic way. Just gotta stay prayed up people smh.

Just had my re-ti two days ago and I got a great report from my locktician: I CAN USE A RINSE NOW!!!!!! But see, the trick to that is im on my own with that {She's not going to put it in for me lol}. The ironic part is that I have been whining about not being able to color my hair and here I am SCARED about doing it now. I guess I feel uncomfortable/sketchy about the whole thing because I am still using the braiding/binding technique to wash my actually scared of what will happen when I wash my locs without binding them. I guess I was waiting on hearing when I could stop binding all together. I thought I would be able to get the rinse when I had the green light to no longer braid/bind. My locktician is granting me this one time opportunity to not bind so I can apply the rinse.....I dont trust myself smh. I have been compliant for 1 year and three months and I dont want to screw up all of this hard work and patience. What should I do???? She said its my decision, but I thought I had to wait til my locs were mature enough to not braid/bind anymore :o/. I guess if Im questioning myself of this task, I need to wait a while longer. I know it takes trial and error to know what works, but I have come a looooooong way. My re-ti time has been cut down to 3 1/2hrs versus 4 now......oh the irony smh