Sunday, April 24, 2011

Graduation Hairstyles/Weight Update

Graduation is approaching and I still don't know what to do with my hair. I'm thinking of doing the perm-rod curls again, but I feel like I wont have time to do it with this new schedule I got. There are plenty of styles I want to try, but I don't think they will work with the cap :o(. I'm facing the challenge of having these permed ends and I don't want to sweat them out {especially since I don't have permission to use products yet}. I'm at a lost with how to style this hair when the relaxed ends want to lay the way that they want to. I have researched youtube and other blogs, but everything seems to look so much better with the all natural locs *sighs*.

As far as the weight update goes, I have been maintaining my weight {no bueno}. I think I'm just going to chuck it up and start weight watchers. Whatever I am doing is NOT working I need an extra nudge to get things popping. I cant stand being at a stand-still and change is what I need. I gets hard when you are doing this by yourself and I don't understand how I keep allowing myself to get off track. There's not too much to be said until some changes really start happening. I'm pretty disappointed/embarrassed with all of the slack that I have experienced in the past month. Now that I don't have to commute for an hour anymore, there's definitely no excuse from here on out. Monday is the day to typically start over with your dieting, soooooo we'll try this again tomorrow. {Pray for me}

Monday, April 11, 2011

Adjusting To The New....

*Sighs* Ladies, I am TIRED. I have slacked a bit from my blogging, but let me tell you this 40hr week thing is taking some adjusting to smh. I thank God for my new job, but its keeping busy like no other. And it does not help that I have to commute an hour to get to work {thank God its temporary for training}. I have a few people driving me nuts, but this is the perfect way to practice professionalism more effectively. I will admit that I have fell waaaaaaaay off with my health regime for the past month and Texas is what triggered it all sadly. Eating out for an entire week will jack up your health flow quickly and I really dont think I can get back on track until I get to my permanent office at the end of the month {excuses I know}. My dieting is fine since I've been home,  but its just the physical activity that's absent smh. Things will get better soon enough, but I really am feeling that "I have no time" stage. I know the importance of taking care of self is priority and I just need to stop TRYING and start DOING. Just pray for ya girl.......Im feeling "off" from everything. Since I'm adjusting to new things out of my control {new job schedule}, I need to make my "voluntary" routines {diet, exercise and sleep} get  it in where it SHOULD fit in.